See inside your competitors’ worlds

Know what your competitors are doing now, predict what they’ll do next, and react quicker to steal a competitive edge.


Keep your ship afloat in choppy waters

Find the problem, get the Insight, tell them what they can do about it and then stay on top of things


Turn threats into profit opportunities

Forget your competitors’ big teeth. Study them from a safe distance, and turn their threat into opportunity.


Minimise risk, Increase Certainty and Make Better Decisions

Access the inside intelligence with confidence to reduce risk, remove uncertainty and make better informed commercial decisions.


Get to know your market inside out

Learn what your customers want, who is meeting their needs, and where the opportunities exist for you to win more business.

Competitive Intelligence based strategic advisory

We are one of the UK’s leading Competitive Intelligence based strategic advisory firms.

And we are here to help

Octopus has unrivalled experience in isolating problems, delivering Competitive Intelligence based answers, suggesting the best way forward. And then be in a position to help you move forward with greater certainty and confidence.

Answering the questions you need to ask

So we answer questions like, what are your competitors planning to do next? Where can you win more business? Also, what should your next move be? And how do you minimise risk? As well as, how can you significantly beat your competitors or enter new markets? How can we increase revenue and profits?

So, we have your back

Clearly, our Intelligence background and MBA-level experience gives us the discipline, processes and also the tenacity to get the job done, and therefore, leave no rock unturned. So, it’s a unique approach and gives you complete confidence that we will help you mitigate risk and succeed today’s markets. Also, we reveal new opportunities.

Now ask yourself…

What problem can we help solve?

“You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.”

Abraham Maslow

So please let us know what we can do for you.

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Interestingly, our Intelligence incorporates the many terms out there. Including, Corporate Intelligence, Competitive Business Intelligence and Market Competitive Intelligence. Also. Business Intelligence as well as Market Research groups. Importantly the link describes what intelligence is? However, ultimately, Competitive Intelligence is just knowing the answer before them.