An introduction to Market Intelligence

This article is an introduction to Market Intelligence. Market intelligence helps you navigate challenges you currently face and helps explores opportunities for growth. It will enhance sales and find significant savings. And Market Intelligence should provide in-depth and reliable business information. Therefore, this process ensures you are best placed to be in a strong market position. 

Market Intelligence helps you navigate the latest challenges and market opportunities. And many companies understand that a lack of a detailed market assessment and competitor knowledge will restrict their ability to penetrate their chosen market. So, Market Intelligence isolates challenges, and customer needs. 

Entry analysis

Market entry analysis reviews your macro and micro-economic environments. But, before you build a growth strategy, it offers an understanding of competitor products and isolates any barriers to entry. So, Market Intelligence and bench-marking helps understand your current and future competitive landscape. And the risk assessment will assist you in interpreting any risk you are facing and then help you mitigate it. Therefore, Market Intelligence will allow you to gain detailed insights into your industry demographics and give you an understanding of the potential market opportunity and attractiveness. 

Good questions

Also, Market Intelligence is useful when devising an excellent market entry plan and partnership strategies. And when bringing a product to market and the creation of any associated brand awareness strategy. Market Intelligence is about asking great questions. Questions like:

  • Is our approach consistent with the environment and changing customer needs?
  • How do you think our competitors will react to our strategic move?
  • How does our industry believe competitive advantage is achieved?
  • What is the best route to enter a market?
  • Who is backing our competitors, and what is their real financial state?
  • What are our competitors' pricing strategies?
  • Your competitors' actual financial performance?
  • What are the implications for our company if we move into that market?
  • Are our competitors aiming for a premium price?
  • What are our competitors marketing strategies?
  • Which companies should we acquire to develop market share?
  • Should we move into that market?
  • How do our competitors plan to compete for the future?


Show you where you can make savings and increase sales. In this article, we offered an introduction to Market Intelligence and determined it's associated benefits. So, we learned that Marketing Intelligence isolate challenges and customer needs and isolates barriers to entry and, therefore gain a better understanding of our competitors' products or services.

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What is Market Intelligence?

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Market Intelligence is the ethical collection and analysis of competitive information to enable you to avoid surprises, think more moves ahead, and minimise uncertainty to enable more informed strategic decisions. It gives you the ability to differentiate yourself and stay ahead of the competition, and in many cases, can be the unspoken, hidden key to success.