Beat your competitors and increase sales with our eight-point plan

This article to is called beat your competitors and increase sales with our eight-point plan, move into new markets, reduce risk and uncertainty. To help you understand the power of what we can do for you. Covering, threats, competitors, new customers, more profit, finding stuff out and going something about it.

We answer the questions to help you grow.

1. Turn potential threats into opportunities

Do your competitors have big teeth? Get to know them really well at a safe distance and then take advantage.

Understand who REALLY is your actual competition, who is your biggest threat and what can you do about it. Keep your competitors closer. Know what they are up to will make sure you can react quicker and predict what they will do next.

2. Find out what is possible

We will show you new ways to find opportunities that you are not currently engaging, utilising methods that verify what is possible with the resources that you have.

3. Finding stuff out

Making sure that you are kept fully aware of competitors, technologies, market changes and what people are doing and saying that impacts your business.

4. Keeping track of threats and opportunities 

Let’s face it; no one likes uncertainty. We will help you reduce risk so you can make a safer decision. Business is all about staying ahead of the things that could damage your business. Whilst also keeping ahead of what is going to happen and where the next opportunities are.

5. Finding new customers

Find out how to target the best new customers and ensure that they need your product or service, build your understanding of what they currently use and what your advantage is to ensure that they buy from you.

6. Help that could revolutionise your business

Methods that you have not applied before to improve and build your business using easy and cost-effective Intelligence-driven solutions.

7. Getting more profit from your existing clients

Customers are hard to acquire and can be easily lost, make sure that you are doing everything right to keep your customers and to keep them happy.

8. How to maximise performance from what you already have

People are usually the highest cost and the riskiest element in any business model, make sure that you are applying everything necessary to maximise the cost versus performance of people. 


This article was called Beat your competitors and increase sales with our eight-point plan. Octopus have developed this eight-point plan to help you beat your competitors, increase sales, move into new markets, reduce risk and uncertainty. The eight-point plan covers threats, competitors, new customers, more profit, finding stuff out and going something about it.


About Octopus Intelligence

Octopus is a global Intelligence service company. Answering the questions to help you grow
We help brands and investors reimagine how they can beat their competitors, make more money, be disruptive, and enter new markets, enabling them to grow faster with more certainty with Competitive Intelligence, Due Diligence and good old common sense.
We live in an increasingly uncertain, competitive and ever-shifting world. What you need is active real world strategy, where deep expertise combines with Competitive Intelligence based actions to answer the what and the how, for the now and the next.
So, we answer great questions like, what are your competitors planning to do next? And where can you win more business? So, what should your next move be? And how do you minimise risk when entering new markets or making an investment? And most importantly, how can we increase revenue and profits?
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