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Best in class product struggling to gain market share

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Best in class product struggling to gain market share. An antivirus protection software company who created best in class threat detection software. Businesses and consumers used the client’s software products in over 200 countries and territories. They had the best products on the market but other competitor offerings where taking business from them.
They were going to invest in advertising and new products but wanted to know where to spend, what customers wanted from there products and what other features they needed to make their decision to buy more comfortable. The product was necessary, but most consumers had like interest in the features as long as their computers were safe. Some of their competitors had their offerings sold ready install on machines.


To collect all the available information about competitors and how well they performed against their products.
We attracted primary intelligence by speaking to industry experts to gauge their opinion. We then conducted testing of all the alternative products to isolate the strengths and weaknesses at systems, application and UX levels. We provided an in-depth analysed report answering all questions raised by the client. We isolated the actions they could take and assisted in the decision-making process to ensure their product was seen as the best on the market by experts and consumers alike.

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