Boardroom intelligence briefings and advice

Intelligence advisor in your boardroom, to neutralise potential problems, maximise unforeseen opportunities and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Boardroom advisors

Contingency intelligence

We play an active advisory role within boardrooms providing an impartial view of your ever-changing marketplace and help use our intelligence and reputation management experience to give you sustainable competitive advantage.

Using intelligence in the boardroom to help you make the right decisions rather than jumping on the latest fad or just merely copying a competitor.

It is about determining what your board needs, how you can neutralise potential problems and maximise previously unforeseen opportunities.

Powerful real time face to face intelligence boardroom briefing when you need it? The real story, without sugar coating and office politics free.

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You retain us to keep a close eye on your competitors and markets to ensure when you have a problem we are here for you with up to date picture of what’s going on.

A battlefield General doesn’t care how they create intelligence. They want to know which direction to point their troops, where the enemy is going to shoot at them, their strengths and weaknesses.

As a business leader when you need to make a decision and take action you want to be armed with fresh and accurate intelligence. So, we understand you need:

– Answers to the intelligence questions.

– Simple report with just the key points – Backed up with further reading and updates.

– So, you know what’s happening.

– To make a decision and take action.