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CCTV company needed to know where it was

A global household-name CCTV / security company

A major UK defence communications PLC.


CCTV Competitor analysis
Good understanding of the market
A better understanding where it was and needed to go


A well-known security company was keen to gain a better understanding of its market. We were asked to research and conduct in-depth analysis of the best names in the world and then look at the competition at a more local level.


So, we agreed criteria around finance, talent, customers, product, marketing and reputation. And, this enabled us to judge the market and the competition. Then, we produced a CCTV competitor league table.


The company found that while successful, they were not going to qualify for the Champions League that season. And the intelligence we supplied provided the knowledge to take appropriate action and advance in the future.

And this is why companies like our approach. It’s not just the:

  • Competitors analysis + assessment of other relevant external factors the market
  • Competitor monitoring + reporting
  • Also, Competitive Intelligence process implementation + consulting
  • Bench marking competitor performance and best practices
  • Integrating competitive market analysis into client goals and plans
  • Evaluating emerging technologies
  • And market segmentation + market aizing
  • Identifying and vetting M+A/alliance/partner opportunities
  • Finally, assessing the value chain

It’s because we bring them the answers them need to know

Octopus provides the answers to the questions they need to ask. In a way that you will have never encountered before. Also, answers and tactics to help win the skirmishes and the decisive victory.

All Intelligence is the ability to answer the questions a client needs to know in order to make a decision. So the Intelligence must be usable, useful, future-orientated and actionable. So actionable, it comes with deeply thought out independent recommendations.

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