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Acquiring Competitive Intelligence from social media is probably your first experience with Market Insight. But, the digital marketing sector uses the term “social data” to describe taking a look at your competitor’s social media witterings, memes and articles. 

Trade shows are excellent sources for competitor information. And at trade shows, you can collect competitor brochures and other marketing materials,. But there is some much more you can find. Also, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get some great Intelligence on your competitors. 

Drivers tell us, it’s more than just good questions. You have some great questions, and you are researching and talking to people. Now you will find yourself swamped with information on paper. So lots of data and no idea where to start.


Open Source Intelligence is the collection and collation of Intelligence from the public domain. But, you say this sort of information can be found on Google, Bing, other specialist search engines and the deep web. And pay walled databases.

Well, you already have a number of excellent sources of primary information. And some of whom you talk to every day. So, your employees are not only your greatest asset. And they are also your greatest source of competitive information.

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