Need to know? Competitive Intelligence services

We are problem solvers, but can breakdown what we do to more specific Competitive Intelligence services, as follows:

Competitive Intelligence MArketing Intelligence

What do you need to know? You can’t get the better of your competitors and market if you don’t know where or who they are. So, many do not know their market well enough and are missing out on business. Also, some dismiss competitors as irrelevant and not as good as them.

diligence and risk Octopus Intelligence

We offer discreet and trusted Diligence for Investigations, business disputes and investors. And we conduct Diligence to identify, analyse, triage, manage and reduce reputational and, as well as, operational risk. And to increase certainty before making important decisions.

strategic foresight Competitive Intelligence

Looking at the future of your sector or the world you live in is not about focusing on the big smart predictions. It’s about uncovering signals, understanding historical trajectories, connecting and knitting together larger patterns, and bringing alternatives voices into your thoughts.

Investment Intelligence M&A with Octopus Intelligence

Understanding what you are getting yourself into is paramount. Investment is never only about the numbers. It must be about understanding the whole picture. What is the team like? What is the real company history? And, what do their customers really think about them? Is their idea feasible?

Life Science Intelligence

Competitive and Market Intelligence allows you to play to your strengths and defend your weaknesses. But, beware though, by focusing only on shortcomings can result in very little differentiation from your competition.

Global Insight Octopus Intelligence

Understanding what is going on in a country’s market is at the heart of what Octopus is all about. Competitive Intelligence Services for you.

Working with international forensic accounting practice we support disputes and litigation. Also, we offer expert witness, investigations and litigation support into alleged fraud, corruption, and bribery.

Board Advisory is more than Intelligence.  And, way more significant than business strategic consulting. It’s like having your own intelligence agency around the board table. Working with you to ensure your business is resilient, robust  and scalable. And ready for the fight.

Product Intelligence from Octopus Intelligence

It can be a challenge when looking for a specific product or service. However, using our global network we know what it takes to get hold of the products and services, as well as, the raw materials you need.

In-house setup by Octopus Intelligence

Working with you to set up, manage your own Competitive Intelligence function. We build your processes, review current understanding, create competitive awareness, help you understand your Intelligence needs, isolate sources and mentor your team before, during and after set up.

Corporate Investigations Octopus Intelligence

We isolate problems, reduce operational and reputational risk and increase certainty by delivering insightful answers and innovative options with deep due diligence. Succeed and gain the certainty you are looking for.

market research

Real Market Research Analysis. Therefore, the best way of building an accurate picture of the size of your market is by getting Octopus to conduct impartial Competitive Intelligence and also, Market Research Analysis.

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