Market surprise is reduced with competitive intelligence

A Market surprise is common. They didn’t realise that their competitor supplied to a worldwide manufacturer. We couldn’t believe they didn’t know either, but that knowledge was worth £10m+ of very winnable business. Companies focus on the day job and often miss the most obvious of things. And this is where CI can reveal amazing results, even if you do it yourself.

Market Surprise: How Intelligence can help

Intelligence also assists you understanding your competitor’s business models and their relative strengths and weaknesses versus your own. Allows you an insight of the way your competitors do, and plan to do, business based on recent, evidence-based intelligence, rather than outdated sets of assumptions.
  • Assist getting mergers and acquisitions
  • Shift strategies in time to match the changing realities
It’s not market research. It’s the ability to out-think, outmanoeuvre and outperform adversaries.
  • Firstly, common mandate in military intelligence is to reduce uncertainty for policy makers
  • Big picture and long range forecasts
  • Helps avoid strategic surprise
  • Finally, what indications that a competitor is to make a particular move
It helps executives challenge their own orthodoxies by shedding light on business blind spots, the incorrect assumptions about the competitive arena
So it helps ensure that decisions and actions are based on foresight and insight rather than gut feel or industry experience
Intelligence provides managers with a unique source of unbiased news and analysis.
It reinforces a competitive culture in the organisation by means of increased competitor awareness.
Also it helps promote an awareness of threats to the company’s intellectual capital and the need for counter intelligence as well as counter measures.
It also helps minimise uncertainty.
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