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Octopus is unique to other local competitor intelligence research agency

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Competitor intelligence research agency questions

Octopus is unique to other local competitor intelligence research agency, so is able to answer questions like the following:

  • Firstly, what are our competitors planning?
  • Secondly, who are our competitors going to do next?
  • And, what are the industries beliefs and assumptions
  • Also, what does your industry think and do. And, are they outdated ideas and assumptions.
  • What are your industry sectors beliefs and assumptions? Are they right or out of date?
  • And, do our competitors actions match their words?
  • Is what they are saying in the media a true accurate reflection of whats going on. Also, do they have something to hide?


  • Is what your competitors  are saying in the media a true accurate reflection of whats going on? Moreover, do they have something to hide?
  • How are our competitors going fight in the future?
  • Which sector are your competitors going to trade in? Also, are they looking to move into new areas? How is it going to affect you?
  • Are our competitors strategic objectives achievable. And, will they clash with us?
  • How will we differentiate against our competitors?
  • Can we isolate vulnerabilities to exploit in our competitors?
  • What are our competitors beliefs and assumptions?
  • How easily and quickly can our strategy be copied?
  • What are the vulnerabilities of our competitors strategies?
  • Is our strategy consistent with the environment and changing customer needs?
  • Also, how does our industry believe competitive advantage is achieved?
  • Then, what is the best route to enter a market?
  • Likewise, who is backing our competitors and what is their real financial state?
  • What are our competitors their pricing strategies?
  • Also, what is our competitors real financial performance?
  • And, what are implications for our company if we move into that market?
  • Finally, what is the dosage of our competitors drug?

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