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We have a saying at Octopus “Intelligence is just knowing. So, we offer a daily short and sharp intelligence based thought with an aim to help your day to day work.

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Here are some example of daily quotes and advice.

Conventional wisdom is often wrong. And a blithe acceptance of it can lead to sloppy, wasteful, or even dangerous outcomes- Levitt & Dunnet.

If I am a fool, it is, at least, a doubting one; and I envy no one the certainty of his self-approved wisdom. Lord Byron

Which competitors are you most concerned about?

What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine other think also – Julius Caesar

Truth is not always popular and sometimes courageous but is always right.

Many companies know they need Competitive Intelligence but are blinded by the amount of information available, seduced by data companies offering the latest gizmo.

Finding info which challenges your organisation’s beliefs is good to know. Not always welcome.

Equity firms screen deals that don’t fit their strategies at the time of acquisition but do they recognise when the strategic environment has shifted post-investment?

Quotes and tips

Dismissing your competition and perhaps even ignoring them as irrelevant is common and dangerous.

Denial is the number one enemy of good intelligence. Denial is a great tool to produce a poor strategy and encourage questionable decision making. Indeed, sometimes you can not see the wood for the trees,

Assuming they see you as a threat, what weaknesses can they see in your offering?

Answering simple questions about your competitors often leads to a myriad of potential opportunities

Be careful not to collect everything you possibly can on markets & competitors. All you get will get is a lot of information.

Analysis helps you see the world how it could be not how it was.

Analysis should focus on what you need to find out, what can be verified as reliable and whether the information makes sense & feels right

An intelligence report is to give the reader the answers to questions and then suggest solutions. It is not to make the writer appear to be clever.

A sign of issues within a company is when “Strategy” actually means “cost savings”. A reasonable assumption that your competitor will be reluctant to start new projects and launch new products. Good time to go on the offensive?

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