Due diligence and risk

Dig deeper to establish a business’s actual assets, its real liabilities and its full commercial potential.

Diligence & risk investigator Nottingham

The truth can be hard to find

Identify, reduce operational and reputational risk and increase certainty before decisions are made with excellent due diligence and risk investigator Nottingham.
The truth can be hard to find. Hidden obstacles prevent you seeing the real picture. When considering any commercial opportunity, you need the full picture before you can make the right decision or negotiate any deal.
Before it is too late, we will help you reveal what you could get yourself into.  So you are forewarned, able to take precautions and sort things out. Clearly, before the sticky stuff hit the fan.
We offer discreet and trusted Diligence for Investigations, business Disputes and Investors. Diligence to identify, analyse, triage, manage and reduce reputational and operational risk. And to increase certainty before making important decisions. Diligence to reduce Information gaps on businesses, investors, fresh talent, customers. new markets and countries.
International anti corruption, money laundering laws, Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and Know Your Customer  (KYC) exposure are real dangers to businesses.

Anti slavery

An Anti Slavery Statement posted on a website is the easy bit. but do you know what’s going on in your and your competitors operational supply chain. Also. assess and Prevent Human Rights violations in your factories and supply chains.
As is competitors who are undercutting you and taking business. Are they exposed to governance, ethical and legislative and getting away with it? In our experience many are. Let us route them out.
So, it’s not just a database search and off you go happy, we try to understand the behavioural characteristics of individual decision makers. And, most cases certain character idiosyncrasies do leave a footprint.
We go beyond box ticking and spreadsheet diligence. high quality research backed up with access to local databases, leaks and also, can offer boots on the ground investigations and site visits.
Gaps in information can hinder justice. Also, we unearth evidence by speaking to the people who know what has happened, and produce information on both the background and context of the dispute to help you present an effective case.

Law firms, litigators and investors

We arm law firms, litigators and investors with independent, timely diligence and asset tracing to help win disputes, litigation and wrong doings.
And having the diligence in your hand before you make is decision or go into a negotiation is extremely powerful.
Diligence ranges from finance checks, online address confirmation, reference checks, confirmation of current company structure, shareholding and fiduciary performance, as well as past appointments.
Then there is access to a multilingual research team and databases, social media monitoring, OSINT research, tracking sources like former colleagues as well as ex business partners.

We go deeper with Diligence & risk investigator Nottingham

We can do deeper with many other actions such as interviewing the target person or organisation. Physical confirmation of the targets home address and location of former employers.
And, in-country human sources who know the market and political and social environment. Complete Public Domain research. Confidential interviews with informed specialists in target jurisdictions. In this case analysis to help contextualise, corroborate or refute information in the public domain. And that’s Diligence & risk investigator Nottingham.
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