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Due diligence brochure download

Due diligence brochure download

Understanding what you are getting yourself into before it's too late is important. Investment is never just about the numbers.

What's the team like? What's the real company history? What do their customers really think about them? Is their idea feasible? What's in their personal history? Are they fully risk assessed?

Also, how do they think, act and respond to pressure and when things go wrong?

Does their proposition stand up in real world scrutiny or is it just fluff?

Who are their real competitors?

Additionally, what are the macro's really like? Also, is their market is growing and is the tech viable and original? And, can their proposition be understood by their target audience? Also, what is the user experience going to be like? As well as, questions like are there potential supply side problems?

So, we can answer all of these questions and deliver additional unforeseen findings. And, reveal the true investability of a business, including risk assessment of the financial proposition.

Global offering

Borderless evidence gathering for litigation, compliance and corporate intelligence purposes

Hence we seen as the fact-finders, interviewers and strategic investigators to support in-house, as well as, outside counsel with answers to their questions.

So, we identify and locate critical evidence and testimony to assist our clients to win a case, for example:

  • Fraud
  • And infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Reputation damage
  • Also, false claims of environmental spoliation
  • Persecution from false allegations of wrongdoing
  • And, anti-Bribery and Corruption investigations
  • Legal disputes
  • As well as. regulatory probes and sanctions
  • Also, disgorgements and debarments
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • And, audit negligence
  • Damage valuations
  • Penalty calculations
  • And. witnesses identification
  • As well as, defendant background checks and asset searches – is it worth taking them to court.
  • Also, forensic accounting
  • Lastly, defensive research on possible attack strategies on the client's assets and witnesses

So, how do we do it

  • Firstly, Identifying key objectives
  • Secondly, Isolate the key questions to be answered
  • And, obtain relevant facts
  • Then, locate and interview crucial sources, fact and witnesses
  • Also, find evidence within standard and obscure databases, social media, blogs and the deep web.
  • Finally, if required, conduct sophisticated forensic audits to obtain the information you need.
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