Birthday celebrations for Octopus turning 11. Thank you.

It’s our 11th birthday

And everything’s looking rosy here at Octopus

Thanks to the support you give we’re growing fast and 2020 will be a gamer changer for us. Our 12th Birthday will hopefully be even bigger.

We’re working with some amazing people, winning new clients and continuing to delight existing ones.

We really do love what we do. It’s in our blood and remember the only way any company can win is having the Kevlar of knowing the answer.

And that’s where Octopus comes in.

Thank you for allowing us to help and support you. We really appreciated it.

About Octopus

We are  the global Intelligence-led strategic advisory firm

With an excellent reputation for isolating problems, delivering insightful answers and innovative options.

We offer a boutique feel with the big business capability and a real global reach.

And we are trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies, investors, middle-market players, start-up innovators and also, in-house Competitive Intelligence functions.

So we answer questions like, what are your competitors planning to do next? Where can you win more business? Also, what should your next move be? And how do you minimise risk? As well as, how can you significantly beat your competitors or enter new markets? How can we increase revenue and profits?
And we are here to help solve your problems

Octopus has unrivalled experience in isolating problems, delivering Competitive Intelligence based answers, suggesting the best way forward. And then be in a position to help you move forward with greater certainty and confidence.
So, we have your back

Clearly, our Intelligence and real world experience gives us the discipline, processes and also the tenacity to get the job done, and therefore, leave no rock unturned. So, you have the complete confidence that we will help you mitigate risk, succeed in today’s markets and increase business development opportunities and capabilities.

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