Free Competitive Intelligence templates

Battlecard template

Battle cards are a great resource to have before an important sales meeting. And they are short and sweet cheat-sheets that help you understand your competitors. Plus your sales team will love you.

Cheaper competitor template

Price is one of the most important factors behind any buying decision. But is the price too high? Too low? And can you get a better deal?

Risk planning

This document intends to give you an insight into future strategies for growth in conjunction with intelligence-driven senior decision making. So you will win more sales.

Business readiness review template

It’s inconceivable that any organisation within the realm of usual business practices has remained unaffected by the events of the Global pandemic. And the resulting economic situation. So in response to these extraordinary circumstances we have developed this document.

Starting CI template

Look at the information available, define your industry-specific terminology. And develop sources with an initial secondary research sweep. And, include a mixed set of approaches to meet the objectives stated within the project.

Competitor benchmark template

Get started with competitor benchmarking. The best way to benchmark is to look at your own business first so you can compare yourself with your competitors. Follow this process within the download on your own organisation and then turn your thoughts on competitors.

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