Get started in CI topics

Getting buy in before starting a project also stops wasting people time. Like, when you find out there is no budget or enthusiasm for the project.

Trade shows are excellent sources for competitor information. And at trade shows, you can collect competitor brochures and other marketing materials,. But there is some much more you can find. Also, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get some great Intelligence on your competitors. 

Drivers tell us, it’s more than just good questions. You have some great questions, and you are researching and talking to people. Now you will find yourself swamped with information on paper. So lots of data and no idea where to start.


Your people may know their marketplace and their customers, but all that invaluable information could go to waste if you don’t collect it, collate it effectively and get buy-in. So, how do I get everyone involved?

The basic criteria is to spend a great deal of time planning for the exercise, collect the information you are looking for, verify it and the secret sauce – analysis.

What is clear is that, given the increasing competitiveness of the legal marketplace, the concept of CI will increase significantly over the next decade.

Look at the competitors’ product or service. Get as many people to give you ideas. Then, Buy the product or service then determine: How does it work, and how is it put together? How is it priced? What’s the dosage?

Starting a CI Project template

How to start a CI project can be found here: Free Competitive Intelligence templates. Firstly, we begin with activities that enable us to gain an understanding of the situation. Then, we Look at the information available, define your industry-specific terminology. And develop sources with an initial secondary research sweep.

The first step in any Competitive Intelligence activity is to understand what you want to find out and get out of the project. Decision-makers with your business will have an idea of the sort of subjects and needs they want to to build Intelligence on.

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