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Electronics company was under threat

“Electronics company competitors were biting at its heels, but were importing rather than making as they claimed”.


A UK electronics company manufacturing market leader


Electronics manufacturer
Competitor analysis
Dishonest rival
And, a new sales opportunity

Challenge for the electronics company

For more than two decades, the target company has used ground-breaking technological expertise in “military communications” disciplines. To develop innovative system solutions to counter the latest, as well as, the ever-increasing security threats.

The company developed applications to meet the needs of the British Armed forces, police authorities across the UK. And, the specialist security teams including those covering the next Olympics and other major sporting and music events. 

At its headquarters in Oxfordshire, the target company first designed digital “box of tricks” in the late 1990s. So, today, it produces fully proven, sixth-generation equipment and a growing portfolio of systems to carry data signals for use in situation awareness, along with a range of kit to reduce terrorist risk. 

Constantly moving forward, the target company opened its own innovation park in 2015 to operate alongside its existing engineering and production departments, including a state of the art rigorous testing chamber for all its products, enabling further expansion of its entire operation.

This electronics market-leader called Octopus to help them resolve problems with one of its competitors, which was biting at its heels and taking business off them by proclaiming it was making all these great new products.


So, Octopus was set the task to find out what was going on. So, we got to work and soon found that they were not making the kit themselves, but importing it from Korea. And we spoke to the right people and answered the question our client needed to know. 


So, this gave our client some great ammunition, who were able to counter the threat, knowing the true nature of the situation.

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