How to achieve buy in

How to achieve buy in – Selling Intelligence is essential to ensure CI is conducted strategically. And, undertake a great deal of work at the start. In order to determine what you really need to know and why.

Getting buy in before starting a project also stops wasting people time. Like, when you find out there is no budget or enthusiasm for the project.

The process does not have to involve a lot of people. But, it can help make your collection activities as effective as possible.

To overcome resistance and gain hearts and minds. Give all individuals, from managing director to administrator, ownership of objectives and actions relevant to their role.

One person has to be made responsible for the day-to-day running of the project, But every job description should contain information gathering as a key requirement.

This is one of the best bi-products of a good CI-gathering project:

Because seniority or job title is no barrier to participating. It acts as a fantastic team-building exercise.

It also helps to build a culture of competitiveness. Which can improve performance across the board.

Start with varied and interesting group sessions designed to determine and develop CI awareness throughout your company.


Move onto war gaming and shadow marketing planning sessions. And perhaps build specific teams to monitor specific competitors.

Make sure it is simple for people to report information they have gathered to a central source.

There are some excellent pieces of software on the market. But it would be a good start just to set up a specific email address. Directed to an individual who is made responsible for collation and analysis of the information into a spreadsheet.

Make use of your current librarian service. But super-charge them with intelligence skills to get a fantastic return of investment from them.

Once the project has started producing valuable results. Communicate these results (and credit for the good work that went into achieving them) to make sure people understand their efforts and to encourage them to continue providing information.

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