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Market intelligence focuses attention on external market data. Isolates trends and patterns to find what’s driving your Market. Then use the Market Intelligence to drive both strategic and tactical decision making.

It’s knowledge about your competitors. And your market and your customers which is not readily available. Also, it’s the information you need to dig a little deeper to find, often open source information people don’t want shared.

Due Diligence is a robust business appraisal on a person of interest, investment or a business. And rarely should a project consist of standard tick box exercise as every project is never the same. Because each client needs different insight

We work with, provide advice to and assist law firms, litigation funds and investors.  Also High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) in helping them in pre-litigation profiling and due diligence. And with high-end disputes finding information

Moving into a new vertical, geography or launching a new product, you need to understand how much opportunity there is. And what it will mean for you. Also, what are the implications of expansion are to your business and long-term goals?

Market size analysis is the process of estimating the demand for your product or service within a particular market. So, market size estimation is an essential component of any strategic marketing planning.

So a PEST analysis takes a look at your external business environment to enable to you examine the impact and relationships of these factors on your business activities. And changes in the business environment will create fabulous opportunities

SWOT identifies any external opportunities and threats which could affect your company.  And especially those Strengths and Weaknesses you have isolated. And yes, you will find plenty of options in your weaknesses.

It’s essential to get to the bottom a customers decision-maker process. And it will help you understand how the market sees you. Also, what you are missing (or attracting customers). And which competitors are getting the better than you

But how many people watch and track external events? It’s likely to be a fraction. Now, most surprises in business are unpleasant; the majority come from external events. But What is Early Warning Analysis?

The first step in any Competitive Intelligence activity is to understand what you want to find out and get out of the project. Decision-makers with your business will have an idea of the sort of subjects and needs they want to to build Intelligence on.

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