How we do it? We speak to the right people, ask the right questions, find patterns and solve problems

We are Octopus. We answer the questions to help you grow

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How we do it – We bring you answers you need to know

We are Octopus. We can help you beat your competitors, win more business, increase profits and reduce risk using our market-leading Competitive Intelligence and strategic business development

The answers you need to know

Octopus provides the answers to the questions you need to ask. So how do we do it? We speak to the right people. Map out what’s happening, joining the dots, finding the patterns and seeing themes reveal themselves. We build a picture showing what’s really going on with objective analysis, investigations, market research and skills based on hard won experience. Once we have created a clear picture of where you are now and where you want to be we then agree the best options open to you. We give you everything you need to build both transformational short and long-term strategies.  And yes, we can also help you with resolution and keep it on track.

Intelligence from the horse’s mouth

We go further to speak to the right people, in the right way and then look for patterns. Also, we are brilliant at asking the right questions at the right time and seeing themes reveal themselves.

Our reach around the world

We travel the world to find what we are looking for. Also, we don’t pretend we run around like James Bond, but we do whatever it takes to get the job done and speak to the right people. We do bring graft, guile, determination and total commitment to the mission.

A tenacious approach

A background in British military intelligence and real business experience gives us a unique edge when pursuing the answers to your questions. Tenacity balanced with discipline opens up a whole world of information inaccessible to others.

Straight talking feedback

Not for us some ten-step model with a clever name. And no pseudo-academic description packed with business school speak. We produce usable Competitive Intelligence in a plain English report, presentation or monthly bulletin.

A strictly commercial focus

No out of the box thinking here (all this means is you are still trapped inside). We help you define the questions you need to ask to get the answers you need to know. It’s a simple but highly effective and confidential process.

A personal service for you

We don’t pull reports off shelves. It may be easier, but we’d be just like the rest. We don’t clock watch, because you pay for the answers not time it takes for us to get them.

You get the idea

We answer the questions you need to know without the fluff. We can even work with you to create some actions from our intelligence.

But what is Competitive Intelligence?

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