Intelligence Insider

Your dedicated Intelligence function with our people, expertise and experience.

Our people, your team

Onsite or offsite

We build dedicated competitive Intelligence teams inside your operation. Alternatively, we build your intelligence team within our operation who work just for you.
We do this because some businesses want more than a remote Intelligence retained offering or a series of one-off projects.
They want intelligence on hand in their operation but realise they don’t have the expertise and the time to develop it themselves.
This is an efficient, lean approach brings a complete integrated Intelligence service-researchers, analysts, strategists, open sources and content teams to create excellent intelligence faster and for less money.
It allows the intelligence team to be an integral part of your team but removed from politics, day to day business pressures and allows impartiality while enhancing trust and commitment.
It’s your intelligence function with our people.
We create an intelligence Function armed with the right skills and capabilities together we can rapidly develop powerful intelligence to drive your business forward.
As you need, evolve we access our relevant specialists when Octopus and add them on a project by project basis or permanently.
Our approach brings flexibility, responsiveness to change and expertise added as and when you need it.

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