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Octopus intelligence answers the questions you need to ask with our Intelligence products. We support you before, during and after a project with our bespoke optional approach:


Discovery delivers great questions to get the best change of great intelligence.

Before we revealed what’s really going on with your competitors and your ever-changing markets we make sure we get off to the best possible start with Discovery.

We know the power of intelligence. And, it’s confused with analytics, as well as, big data.

So, that’s why we start by helping you understand its capability as well as developing a full Intelligence brief. And, this will help determine where you are now and where you want to be


Intelligence Octopus delivers great actionable insight with:

Intelligence products – After

Counterstrike helps you make the most of the excellent intelligence to create growth, reduce risk and uncertainty.

Advisory Intelligence for your boardrooms to help you solve problems, reduce risk and make the most out of opportunities with impartial powerful intelligence, not assumption and guesswork.

We explore your world and gaining deep intelligence on your competitors, markets and customers. We give you everything you need to build both short and long-term strategies. Strategies to transform your business.

In today’s markets, the three most prominent elements that can significantly impact your business. Either positively or negatively on your profit and growth are:

  • Competition
  • Technology
  • Reputation

We are sure you will agree that these are areas present both risk and opportunity.

Board Advisory is more than intelligence. It is a more significant than business strategic consulting. 

Intelligence Insider we build dedicated competitive Intelligence teams inside our client’s operation. Your intelligence function with our people.

Surveillance. Retain us to keep a close eye on your competitors and markets to ensure when anything changes within your competitors and markets we are here for you with an up to date picture of what’s going on.

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