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Investing armed with unique information

“Investing? Should we twist or stick with this industry?”

Who were investing?

A large, Mayfair-based investment house


Investment intelligence
They wanted to know what was really going on
Investment took place


A group of investors was looking at a new market and brought Octopus in to check it was not looking through rose-tinted glasses. Who was selling what and to who? Was the company looking for funding actually telling the truth? Should they invest?

A number of the investors believed the opportunity was too good to be true. Others were keen on the investment to take place. These investors had brought the opportunity to the table, so it could have been the case that they were too close to have an impartial view. 


We conducted a detailed market intelligence programme to dig deep into the market and the company looking for funding. And, we looked at the key people in the companies, their background, their history and reputation. 

We spoke to industry experts and insiders to gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges the sector offers. This impartial and independent analysis provided the investors with all the answers they needed to their questions.

Within the agreed criteria, we then created a league table of companies in the sector to enable the investors to make a smart decision based on Intelligence. Not gut feeling, guesswork or a google search and a credit check. 

We continued to monitor the industry to isolate positive and negative changes in the key players and the whole sector.


The investors got into the growing industry, and they went onto bigger and better things. It even came back to the investment group when the company went on a buying spree. Some were acquired, invested in or left well alone.

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