Investment intelligence

Don’t part with your hard-earned money until you know every detail of the business or market you’re looking to invest in.

Will my investment be safe?

What’s really going on?

Understanding what you are getting yourself into is paramount

Investment is never only about the numbers. It must be about understanding the whole picture.

What is the team like?

What is the real company history? And, what do their customers really think about them? Is their idea feasible? And, what is in their history with previous investments in business and other things? Also, are they fully risk assessed?

Intelligence and Diligence for the best possible chances of success

How do they think, act and also, respond to pressure? Does their proposition stand up in real world scrutiny and future proofing? And, who are the real competitors?

It’s not just a database search, looking at a spreadsheet and off you go happy. We try to understand the behavioural characteristics of individual decision makers. And, in most cases certain character idiosyncrasies do leave a footprint.
We go beyond box ticking and spreadsheet diligence. High quality research backed up with access to local databases and leaks. Also, we can offer boots on the ground investigations and site visits.


Diligence ranges from finance checks, online address confirmation, reference checks, confirmation of current company structure, shareholding and fiduciary performance and past appointments etc.
And, we can do deeper with many other actions such as interviewing the target invests and their customers and suppliers. Also, physical confirmation of home address and the location of former employers.
Also, we can answer all of these questions and almost certainly deliver additional findings that might be completely unforeseen.

Additionally, what are the macros really like?

Is the market is growing, whether the tech viable and original and can the proposition be understood by the target audience?

Answering questions

Questions like, what is the user experience going to be like? And are there potential supply side problems?

We reveal the true invest-ability of a business, including risk assessment of the financial proposition. Also, what are other investors planning to do? Also, what are your competitor’s investment strategies? Where are the future winning trends? And, what are their markets really like?

It is all about minimising risk and increasing certainty

Identify, reduce operational and investment risk and increase certainty before decisions are made with excellent due diligence and Intelligence.
The truth can be hard to find. Those hidden obstacles prevent you seeing the real picture. Also, when considering an investment opportunity, you need the full picture before you can make the right decision or negotiate any deal.


We identify, analyse, triage, manage and reduce reputational and operational risk of any investment. And to increase certainty before making important investments. Diligence to reduce Information gaps.
Before it is too late, we will help you reveal what you could get yourself into.  So you are forewarned, able to take precautions and sort things out should the sticky stuff hit the fan. Having the intelligence in your hand before you make is decision or go into a negotiation is extremely powerful.
We deliver Intelligence, Diligence and strategic insight to guide key decision making to improve investment success.
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