A Life Science Intelligence Specialism

Access to a large Oncology, Nutraceutical and Life Sciences network

Life science intelligence

Large network of experts

The life science intelligence team is drawn from a variety of clinical, oncology, pharma, access to market, ICCF and GPO backgrounds.

We have many years of pharma experience, so our analysts answer the questions you need to ask with access to large oncology, nutraceutical and life sciences networks.

We know the right people to speak to create to answers your questions. Above all, questions about clinical trials, new drug development lifecycle/landscape, retail price point, branding, positioning, R&D and product formulation. Also sales, marketplace, product launch and differentiation strategies, as well as access to market.

And regulatory issues and approaches, market share preservation and also growth, current and future RFP, contracting, promotional, M&A and expansion plans.

Also, we can track patents and all other forms of intellectual property.

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