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Manufacturer looking for a new market

“We revealed the opportunities and threats the Manufacturer would face, and a £500,000 grant to help them move premises.”


An ambitious Birmingham-based car parts manufacturer wanted to break into new markets.


Tier 1 automotive
Which market to move into?
Revealing right market entry
A grant to ease the pain


This ambitious Birmingham-based car parts manufacturer wanted to look at entering new markets. They were loosing market share to rivals from the Far East, namely, China and Vietnam and the United States. It needed to know which market had the best potential and the calibre of the competition it would be up against. It wanted to be able to compete in their rivals’ markets because they believed they had a better end product. An end product car makers would want.


Octopus drew up a list of possible markets, along with the opportunities and threats it would face in each. Armed with this information, the company was able to make a better informed decision on the market it wished to enter.


Using the new market intelligence, Octopus also arranged a £500,000 grant on the manufacturer’s behalf to help the company move to new premises. Using this grant to relocate, the manufacturer was better placed to make a significant impact in its chosen new market.

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