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Parking ticket strategy needed for Midlands council

See how we helped a local council develop a car parking strategy


A major city council came to us as they wanted to make sure they had the right car park charges in place. They also wanted to know how other Local Authorities and private companies ran their car parking sites. The city had a reputation for significant congestion, suffered from an incomplete ring road, poor public transport. As a result more cars where on the road than the council wanted. So they tried to reduce congestion, the impact on the environment, reduce stress levels and associated health issues. Equally, the city had a good reputation as a quality shopping destination. So there was pressure on them to finding increased parking solutions. And reduce parking costs for shoppers coming into the town to spend their money. To add to the situation, the closest city to them had just built a brand new shopping centre and were taking footfall from them.


Octopus visited car parks in several towns and cities, studied news reports and spoke to a broad cross-section of different people to “determine current strategic thinking to government and local transport planning.” We offered insight and suggested a number of solutions based on the information we isolated and the best practices of other cities around the world. The client was pleased with the precious feedback and in turn, used our report to build a sensible car parking strategy. This was deemed fair to the public and local government. They have since improved their public transport strategy. They are now seen as one of the leading councils in terms of transport policy.

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