Technology and Product Intelligence

Get your hands on the right global products and services.

Patent, technology and product intelligence


We dig deep to assess and test all areas of your competitor’s technology to provide an impartial assessment of what they are good at and where the weaknesses are.

Analyse their architecture and strategy, isolate their governance and controls. Right down to their DNA. Then we test their tech and look for technological gaps in their model. Find the gaps in the market for you to fill.

So, we are then in a great position to suggest new ways of building, developing innovations and develop products. Ideation as the hipsters amongst us may say. We can even get involved in the development with or for you.

CTA improvement

Also, we can work with you on CTA improvement through to technology stack and development optimisations, price modelling and Value Vs Cost to Build strategies.

And, we find the UI/UX and process flow improvements that will make a difference and ensure you develop significant competitive advantage and increased market share.


It can be a challenge when looking for a specific product or service.However, using our global network we know what it takes to get hold of the products and services, as well as, the raw materials you need.

So, let us know what you want and we will do our best to get it to your front door.


Patent Intelligence is something else we offer. In-depth patent searches and competitor Patent monitoring and analysis with the support of our trusted Patent Attorney. We are also increasingly moving into the field of Artificial Intelligence.