Using Competitive Intelligence to drive product & business strategy

By 19/02/2020 March 16th, 2020 News

SCIP UK Webinar – Using Competitive Intelligence to Drive Product & Business Strategy

Wednesday, March 18, 11:00 am Eastern

SCIP UK Presents a free webinar


In this webinar, led by Sterling Scott, you will learn best practices for leveraging competitive intelligence alongside customer and market data to inform product and business decisions.

Key take aways include:

  • Deprioritise feature and service parity
  • Prioritise value and outcomes
  • Identify trends in value and outcomes
  • “Manage up” to drive change in your organisation

Our Expert

Sterling Scott- Product Strategist – Skookum

Sterling Scott is a Product Strategist and intrapreneur at Skookum, a digital transformation agency in Charlotte, North Carolina that creates digital products and experiences. Before Skookum he was the Director of Marketing at Stratifyd, an AI-powered, CX software company and the Product Marketing Manager at MapAnything (now Salesforce Maps)

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