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How can we help Product Managers and Inhouse CI teams

Product Managers

In-house CI teams

We help product managers, like yourself, learn from their competitors’ mistakes and find the areas where they could be better than you. 

After all, if your competitor has spent a lot of money on something that didn’t work, it would be crazy for you to do the same. Likewise, if they are doing something customers like, it is better to know before it starts to affect your sales. 


We will identify:

  • New competitor products and features
  • Isolate gaps in the market
  • Uncover trends

We will provide:

  • A deep understanding of market dynamics so you can reach more target customers
  • The opportunity to maximise sales by analysing the best possible marketing and sales message for your products

Get to know competitors’ products

We can look at your competitor’s product line to assess:

  • Their product quality, strengths and weaknesses
  • Their pricing strategies and associated discounting tactics
  • How their customer perceives their product design, quality, and price
  • What’s unique to their offering

Once we have found the answers, we suggest ways you can make the most of what we have discovered and even help you make it happen.

Set up

We can work with you to:

  • Set up
  • Manage your Competitive Intelligence function
  • Build your processes
  • Review current understanding
  • Create competitive awareness
  • Help you understand your Intelligence needs
  • Isolate sources
  • Mentor your team 

Before, during and after in-house setup.

Internal audit

We offer an independent view by:

  • Auditing your systems and intelligence capabilities and suggested potential improvements
  • Isolating any gaps in your Intelligence process and clarify what is currently known, who knows it and what additional Intelligence is needed? 
  • Benchmarking current capabilities and future needs
  • Testing your systems and skills using War Gaming, Red Team Analysis and other risk readiness tools


We are here for you and have conducted many impartial, independent and confidential Competitive Intelligence projects for many internal teams. From Win/Loss analysis, War gaming exercises to stand-alone intelligence collection and analysis. 

We do the Intelligence work that an internal CI manager who needs an independent external perspective. Or to make sure there is no way your competitor can find out who wants to know the information, piece together which markets you are looking to move into or which companies you are looking to acquire.

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