Extraordinary circumstances needs immediate support

Enabling your business to manage and thrive in these challenging times

Business Readiness Review

What’s happening

It’s inconceivable that any organisation within the realm of usual business practices has remained unaffected by the events of the Global pandemic.
So, in response to these extraordinary circumstances, we have designed an immediate support resource that enables business leaders to manage and thrive in these challenging times.
Our agile approach ensures that clients will have things covered to minimise disruption and, also, maximise opportunity.
Now more than ever, it is vital to gain the benefit of additional external support to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

The Octopus Business Readiness Review

The unprecedented nature of the situation facing business means that business, as usual, is not an option. Strategising is nothing but guesswork without proven shreds of evidence to back up critical decision making.
So, at Octopus, we ensure client success through the delivery of intelligent solutions, whatever, wherever and however.
To become paralysed and subsumed by events at this time could be catastrophic for your business. So, our team can immediately move to meet the exact circumstances that you are facing. Delivering unseen opportunities and previously unknown advantages.
The Octopus’ Business Readiness Review’ offers:
  • Immediate insight into what is really going on in your vital areas.
  • Supporting existing procedure that could now be under pressure
  • Help you new opportunities while others are still in a state of disarray.
We provide clarity in these areas delivering agile advantage turning adversity into opportunity.

Business Development

Ensure that you know the real picture regarding:
  • Current clients and prospects
  • Give your team clarity by confirming that they are doing the right things to understand and maximise current and forecasted revenue expectations.
  • Support field sales and support personnel to have a better understanding of the broader market and client circumstances.
  • Fast track new client identification and potential.


Application of innovative options to develop the most impactful methods of communication. To colleagues, clients and suppliers.
Making assumptions based on previous practices could threaten your entire organisation, your team’s performance could impede overall traction.
Support your senior management to help them mobilise different assets and resources. The ones they may be unaware of or insufficiently skilled to apply to enhance overall efficacy.

Marketing & PR

While your competitors are blinded in a haze of chaos, immediately mobilise to provide assurance and build confidence internally and to the marketplace.
It may not be uncommon for traditional marketing organisations to be incapacitated themselves. However, we can gauge market feel, data information and reputational risks due to the current conditions.

Competitors and Potentials

These challenging circumstances also represent a vast opportunity, be ahead in understanding of competitors state of readiness and, also look for ways to build your business.
So, if you can mobilise faster and with more impact than your competition and on your bottom line will be significant. And, our very agile and innovative approach to obtaining competitor insight has never been so vital as NOW.

Supply Chain Intelligence

Opportunities to innovate are always excellent; doing so now would be game-changing.
We can support procurement by ensuring that they are fully supplied with market resource information to aid negotiation for more effective acquisition.

Technology advisory

The opportunity lies within these current circumstances, and very few organisations will be able to employ new measures at this time, the chance to engage improvement is massive.
And it is possible to ensure that henceforth your organisation is more agile and has technology that supports similar incursions as this in the future.


Ensure that your policies align with industry and market requirements and are robust and valid.


Perhaps one of the most vital aspects in unprecedented times is to be able to support valuable and critical colleagues.
Never is that as important as now, new methods may need to be employed immediately.
Mental health is such a massive aspect in the modern workplace; it would be of obvious benefit to being best positioned to your support staff. To enhance your team’s overall effectiveness and to build additional robustness to the workforce.

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