Retained intelligence keeps your ship afloat

Constant vigilance to navigate the choppy waters and find the perfect growth opportunities.

Retained intelligence

Unprecedented change

It’s not difficult to see the rate of change that is impacting upon all aspects of our business life.
Worrying times for leaders like you, sailing your ship in uncharted seas where you can’t arbitrarily assume that many of the potential hidden rocks and sandbanks will not rip the bottom out of your boat.
Also, technology is breathtakingly quick and covered in a the fog of misinterpretation, exaggeration. confusion and lies.
This can represent a significant opportunity and risk for you.
So, retain us to keep a close eye on your competitors and markets to ensure when you have a problem we are here for you with up to date picture of what’s going on.
A battlefield General doesn’t care how they create intelligence. They want to know which direction to point their troops, where the enemy is going to shoot at them, their strengths and weaknesses.

Constantly vigilant

As a business leader when you need to make a decision and take action you want to be armed with fresh and accurate intelligence. So, we understand you need:
  • Answers to the intelligence questions
  • Simple report with just the key points – Backed up with further reading and updates
  • So, you know what’s happening
  • To make a decision and take action

Cost effective

Our service will be will be vigilant in every direction for you every day.
Not only does this save you the need of trying to install and recruit your own team it gives you access to the right state of the art technologies and techniques.
Plus, we are constantly vigilant for any possible internal threats that could come from within your organisation.

Your advantage

Choosing this retained service delivers:
  • Peace of mind
  • Will immediately deliver advantage to you
  • A positive differentiation in your marketplace

Reporting to you in any way that you prefer, ranging from formal board reporting to instant notification of any key aspects that trigger our surveillance protocols.

Also, we can play an active advisory role with your boardroom providing an impartial view of your dilemmas.

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