Who you're dealing with?

Understand what you're getting yourself into before investing your cash

Retained intelligence

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Retain and instruct us to act as your trusted source of strategic intelligence to help you sail your ship into uncharted seas, avoiding the icebergs capable of ripping open a hole.

Change is impacting on all aspects of our lives. Technology is developing all the time and its progress is surrounded by a fog of misinterpretation, exaggeration, confusion and lies.

All very risky when making decisions.

By retaining us for a reasonable price, we help you mitigate the risk, isolate opportunities and gain real insight

We map out what’s happening, joining the dots and looking after your interests. We have your back.

Reporting to you in any way that you prefer, ranging from formal board reporting to instant notification of any key aspects that trigger our surveillance protocols. With surveillance, we keep a close eye on your competitors and markets so the- next time you have a problem we are here for you with an up to date picture of what’s going on. We alert you to Red Flags immediately.

Also, It would be straightforward to make the mistake of buying Competitive Intelligence software and expecting all the answers to delivered to your inbox. Also, we understand they want more than just data and alerts. You want to know what it means and how it is going to effect your business. So,we can offer a unique combination of providing you best in class monitoring software together with our team. We will use and direct the monitoring software to ensure you will get the best possible insight.

Also, retain us and we can play an active advisory role with your boardroom providing an impartial view of your dilemmas.

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