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Know your sources

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Some OSINT pointers

Secondary sources – Market Research Portals 

Firstly, they rarely live up to the sales hype. but can answer simple questions like who are the key market players. And, put your organisation into context.

However, they can be suitable for finding some data for intelligence. But, we find a number of people purchase access in a company when one licence would suffice. And all them accessing the system do very little with the information. In some cases the cost of the combined access would easily pay for a CI operation!

Press releases 

Thousands of press releases are published every day on the written and on line sources.

Very few actually become news.

By reviewing press releases you can learn important developments regarding merger and acquisitions activity. Also, takeovers, management changes, new products, new financial offerings, earnings, as well as restructures etc. What a press release does not say is sometimes just as important as the text itself.

Trade marks

Also, secondary sources can include trademark activity could indicate your rivals future development activities. Also, ownership issues, and foreign market strategies.

Importanltly, you can also monitor how litigious your rival is. And how successful they have been in their actions.

Domain names

Again, this area of research is becoming increasingly important part of an organisations image. And organisations tend to have a number of domain names representing their products, associated companies, as well as, their brands and divisions.

Also, monitoring can reveal future strategies and associated new products. As well as, being on the look out for evidence of cyber-squatting and bad faith.

Analyst reports

Importantly, investment analysts are paid to gather actionable information on their industry.

And, you can source reports and information on rivals in terms of revenue, market fluctuations. Also, predictions, profit margins, growth, sales, expenses and earnings forecast. An excellent secondary source.

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