What we do

Create growth, reduce risk and uncertainty.
Solve your problems.

Intelligence-led problem solving to create growth, reduce risk and uncertainty

We help solve problem to create growth, reduce risk and uncertainty.
But, sometimes you can’t solve problems if you’re too close to see the answer. Also, you can’t steal a lead on your competition if you don’t know where or who they are. Nor can you meet your market needs if you don’t know what they are.
In our experience, too many companies find it too easy to dismiss competitors as irrelevant. Some ignore problems hoping they will go away. Some make decisions without knowing what’s really going on.
You know, the problems usually about business development, competitors, money, emerging transformational tech, markets, future direction, strategy, reputation, branding and people. And Private Equity investments, acquisitions, litigation support, reputation, products, people and Life Sciences.
It’s a dangerous game to play. Octopus has unrivaled experience in finding the answers to find solutions. 
And it’s why our clients, including in-house market intelligence functions, have absolute confidence in us.


Answering the questions


Discovery pencil by Octopus Intelligence. We isolate your problems, reduce risk and uncertainty and deliver intelligence-led answers and innovative solutions. Dedicated to help you win.

What’s the problem?

In an ever changing world deciding what to do is surrounded by a fog of misinterpretation, exaggeration, confusion and lies. All very risky when making decisions. Understand what your needs are and the decisions and subsequent actions to take. Drilling down to create a set of clearly defined questions. 
Questions like, what are your competitors planning to do next? Where can you win more business, or what should your next move be? And how do we minimise risk? Should we invest?
Also, what should we do next, which market should we move into, what is going to happen and why are we struggling to compete? And should we employ that person or do business with them?
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Then we get on with answering the questions you need to ask.
We find and to speak to the right people, in the right way and then look for patterns.
Also, we are brilliant at asking the right questions at the right time. We map out what’s happening, joining the dots, find the patterns and see themes reveal themselves.
Yes we use many intelligence analysis tools but understand you need to know the answers and options open to you. And not how clever we can look. We let you know what’s really going on with objective analysis, independent Intelligence and Market Research.
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Due diligence Octopus Competitive Intelligence

Deep Diligence

Get to know the truth with discrete, independent, timely and reliable diligence.
For investigations, litigation, business disputes, investors and competitor wrongdoings.
Before it is too late, we will help you reveal what you could get yourself into. So you are forewarned, able to take precautions and sort things out should the sticky stuff hit the fan.
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And all our work is undertaken in line with SCIP’s code of ethics.
Counter strike boat by Octopus Intelligence. We isolate your problems, reduce risk and uncertainty and deliver intelligence-led answers and innovative solutions. Dedicated to help you win.

Solve the problem

After we’ve explored your world, and armed ourselves with gaining intelligence on your competitors, markets and customers. 
We give you everything you need to build both transformational short and long-term strategies.
Once we have created a clear picture of where you are now and where you want to be, solve problems and then agree what the best options are.
We can also help you get on with it.

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We have created a cheat sheet on how to do start a Competitive Intelligence project.

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Interestingly, our Intelligence incorporates the many terms out there. Including, Corporate Intelligence, Competitive Business Intelligence and Market Competitive Intelligence. Also,Business Intelligence as well as Market Research groups. Importantly, the link describes what intelligence is? However, ultimately, Competitive Intelligence is just knowing the answer before them. And all covered with GDPR.