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Superb marketing, not so good end product

Superb marketing, poor product


Well-funded SaaS media company with superb marketing


Tech company
An improved knowledge of competitors
And a vastly improved information to build strategy


A newly funded Silicon Valley SaaS company wanted to take the world by storm. But the trouble was it had a few competitors who had also had a cash injection. So it wanted to get under the skin of its top five competitors. One of them was the darling of tech with the right backers and fantastic marketing.


However,  we showed that it’s main competitor was not well run. In brief customers were not happy and service levels were terrible. And we even found that while this competitor may of superb marketing, its offering did not work properly. So the reality was that despite launching new products like there was no tomorrow, the products were often Beta version.


As a result our client was able to use this intelligence to head off the threat of the competitor and establish itself as supplier of quality products backed by excellent customer service – And just what the market was looking for.

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