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Track record is impressive:

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We have an excellent track record for finding the answers working for many organisations such as:

  • Firstly, a PLC building material company
  • Secondly. Major packaging company
  • Then, A FT250 security company
  • Also, Top 10 pharmaceutical organisation
  • And, Helicopter associated PLC
  • TV broadcast equipment company
  • US diesel generator company
  • HR Practice
  • Startup textile company
  • As well as, a oil & gas completions firm
  • Couple of city councils
  • Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Catalytic converter manufacturer
  • A number of major construction contractors
  • Also, a startup building materials supplier
  • As well as, international and regional accountants
  • Finally, a world top 4 law firm

…..and many other manufacturers, startups, international businesses and small businesses.

And,  this is just some of the work we have done

We isolated a client’s competitor’s Indian supply chain. The competitor claimed to own the entire supply chain. So, we went to India and proved they did not own a single part of it.

Also, we were asked by a UK Plc to investigate a recently appointed CEO of their middle east operation. Rumours suggested he was involved in an alleged fraud and we proved there was no evidence to back up the rumour.

We identified a client’s competitors major customer who was using a less capable product; this information was worth £30+ million on our client’s bottom line. Until we came along, they did not have a clue about it!

We have collected competitor products on behalf of a United States Top 100 manufacturer and supplier to Apple.

Our research showed that a competitor’s UK turnover had suffered significantly. And, they were struggling to generate sufficient new business around the world to cover their costs.

Then, we determined that one of the divisions of a Plc’s market was not as big as thought, resulting in our client transferring their growth strategy to another part of the business.

A household name was suddenly under pressure by its investor to increase forecasts. Importantly, we found the reasons behind it, allowing them to negotiate from a stronger position.

So, who have we worked with?