Get the better of your competitors

You can’t steal a lead on your competition if you don’t know where or who they are. 

Nor can you meet market needs if you have no knowledge of what these are. In our experience, too many companies find it too easy to dismiss competitors as irrelevant.

Others do not know their market well enough and are missing out on business.

It’s a dangerous game to play. And it’s why our clients have the absolute confidence to use our range of services to give them the intelligence and tactics they need to act decisively, armed with meaningful real-world knowledge. We can do the same for you.


To get the best value from Intelligence we create a process to meet your specific needs and experience.

Before starting an intelligence project, it is important to understand what do you need to do? Discovery will create a clear picture of where you are now and where you want to be. Deliver great questions to get the best chance of achieving great intelligence.


Competitive intelligence

Reputation intelligence

Product intelligence

Competitor profiling

Deep due diligence

Global insight

Investment intelligence

Lifescience intelligence


After intelligence. Then what?

Make the most of the excellent intelligence to create growth, reduce risk and uncertainty. Harness insight to create engaging, powerful and unique strategy, planning, customer propositions and marketing.

Retained advisory

Instruct us to act as your trusted source of strategic intelligence.

Change is impacting on all aspects of our lives. Technology is developing all the time and its progress is surrounded by a fog of misinterpretation, exaggeration, confusion and lies. All very risky when making decisions.

By retaining us for a reasonable price, we help you mitigate the risk, isolate opportunities and gain real insight. We map out what’s happening, joining the dots and looking after your interests. We have your back. Your intelligence function with our people.