What we do? We help you beat your competitors, increase sales, enter new markets with Competitive Strategy

We are Octopus. We answer the questions to help you grow

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We help you beat your competitors

We help you beat your competitors, gain insight and provide you with actionable options. Intelligence-led new business creation, risk mitigation and uncertainty reduction. We offer comprehensive competitive strategy by answering the questions you need to know. Questions usually about:

This is a drawing of an Octopus to show how Competitive Intelligence questions about Taking action without know what's really happening is a dangerous game to play. Octopus has unrivaled experience in finding the answers to find solutions. And it’s why our clients have absolute confidence in us.
For investigations, litigation, business disputes, background checks, investors and competitor wrongdoings we get to the truth with discrete, independent and reliable diligence corporate investigations.
We reveal what you could get yourself into.
So you are forewarned, able to take precautions and sort things out should the sticky stuff hit the fan.

We have broken our offering down into:


What’s happened and what can we learn from it?


Whats happening now and how is it going to affect you? 


Whats going to happen next and how can we grow and beat our competitors?


What are we going to do and how are we going to do it?

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