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Subscription rates fell off a cliff

Read how we helped a media platform using win-loss analysis


A well-known media platform with a traditionally high user growth monthly subscriber rate of around 35% suddenly witnessed their growth rate drop off a cliff overnight. Our client was concerned and wanted to know why and how to stop the decline. They were also beginning to experience customer churn problems too. This is a Win-Loss Case study.

Before bringing us in to conduct a Win-Loss project, it was made clear to us that their product was market-leading and the best out there. This belief was a huge assumption.


We co-ordinated a Competitor Analysis project to look at their market to determine what was happening and how any new entrants were affecting our client. We then conducted a win-loss analysis with 50 organisations. These organisations were either new customers or those who had enquired but declined to sign up with them. The Win-Loss exercise aimed to dig deep and find Intelligence into the problems and opportunities surrounding our client’s offering, proposition, sales team performance and pricing structures.

Our client was delighted with our findings and recommendations. They gained an understanding of why prospects were rejecting their offer and what it would take to get them on board. Our client had a better experience of its customer life cycle, so in turn, changed the way they sold their platform. It was made clear to our client that their product was no longer market-leading or especially innovative, and other competitors had entered the market with a better offering. Their competitors had surpassed our client’s offering, and they did not see it coming.

However, after presenting our findings, it was clear that the product managers suspected that this was the case but needed evidence to convince the founder and driving force of the business that things had to change. Despite an increase in competition, our client now has a better retention rate and has stopped the subscription decline and was able to modify its sales approach. They have also increased their retention levels by improving their product offering.

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